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Hi folks!  I started a youtube chanel; check it out in the link below ;) 

[Meta-Analysis] Rick n Morty S1E10 : Broken Authentication Joke

Hi folks! This is a continuation on the blog post I did before about Rick n Morty S1E10's analysis! Enjoy!

The allegorical reference I'd like to get into is the broken authentication protocol used by the Council of Rick's Security Officers in the restaurant. The scene happens after Rick has escaped the council's trail in which he was accused of murdering a bunch of Ricks. This is where he ends up after running through a number of universes to through them off his scent.

Council Of Rick's broken authentication 
In this scene the Rick's try to claim that they are to be securely identified by a simple "X"; a marking they to that the restaurant concierge doesn't confuse them for Rick C137. What is happening is an authority is claiming they are in charge of a given means of identification "they are the only one's with the right signatures (X's)".   In a way this is an expression of something governments do all the time; that is mark p…

[Meta Analysis] Rick n Morty S3E1 : Rick's Anti-Tamper System

In Rick n Morty Season 3 Episode 1, the writers guide us through a dizzying array brilliantly constructed Information Security allegory. I tried to encapsulate all this in a previous post but I missed one! Here I dig into and explain what I think is the information security joke behind Rick's Garage Flies.

[Meta Analysis] Rick n Morty S1E10 : The Internet Privacy Episode (Part 1)

Hi folks! Here's another review of a Rick n Morty episode, this one is filled with a dizzying amount of obvious privacy, anonymity and totalitarianism references. If you like the internet, Tor and your freedom of speech I think this episode has a lot of allegory you would appreciate! There is a lot to explain in this episode so I'm breaking this up into a series of posts. Anyway, Enjoy!

[meta analysis] Rick n Morty S1E4 : Simulation Theory and Machine Learning

Is this even real life?

[Meta Analysis] Rick 'n Morty S3E1: The Hacker's Episode

Hi folks, I'm a huge Rick n Morty fan, sometimes when watching it i can draw strong allegories and puns that relate to security, privacy, physics, psychology and wide range of crazy scientific fields. Knowing this I've decided to do some reviews of Rick n Morty where I expose this allegory to the wonderful folks who practice these sciences and those who would like to ;) Enjoy!

[Philosophy] A discussion on the realities of belief

This is from a quora post I'd like to boast about a little on my blog because I think the rhetoric I've rendered is quiet entertaining to read :) Enjoy! 

There is no use in “belief”. According my understanding belief indicates absolutely nothing besides an assumption of pre-existing proof. When does belief happen? Let us talk about the ideology of believing things, and whether it does actually work the way people assume it does. According to how I understand the common rhetoric: belief is assumed to be what makes something true or allows you to assume things are true or means that something is true.  I am open to taking argument on my definition of the concept, this is inductive reasoning my induction will be as strictly logical (as logical as I believe i can render it) but whether this is true will depend on if this definition stands up to test. You are welcome to test it (recursion). People blur the lines between whether belief is what renders things true or if things that hav…