GooDork v2.2.1 : Custom User-Agents and More Results

The new version of the GooDork is out. I've decided to give you guys a crash course in using the new features.

Custom User-Agent

Using the custom user agent is as simple as supplying the switch with the argument you wish to use as a User-Agent string (much like the -A switch for Curl!)
As an example you may run a GooDork like this:
./GooDork -UMozilla
GooDork will then inform you that the user agent was set by printing out the following (while its running the query):
Feedback from GooDork
 This just means that everytime GooDork sends a request (which will always be GET requests) it will supply the User-Agent header set to the value you specified.

And its that easy!!

More Results!

GooDork is now capable of sneaking more results out of a google search using the 'start' parameter. I must admit I've hacked out this little improvement but it does the job thought! Better improvement will be made
An average of about 500 results can be expected
Get the new version here:
I've also written a simple bash script that unleashes GooDork's power on unsuspecting hosting companies, all you need to do is slip it a subnet value and it looks up information on all the hosted sites in that domain. Check this out at

Thanks again!!